About Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai is known as the “Garden Isle” and is considered by most people to be the most beautiful island in Hawaii.

Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian islands. Mount Waialeale's lush slopes are home to the wettest tropical rain forest in the world. This in return gives our island some of the most incredible waterfalls.

On our north shore we have the beauty of the Na Pali coast. It is unforgettable. The majestic cliffs and rugged terrain make it accessible only by boat or helicopter. You can hike if your very adventurous.

On the south side of the island we have the Wiamea Canyon, which is often referred to as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Three quarters of the island is covered with the most awesome beaches for any type of water sports or just relaxing in the warm tropical sun. This is the idea, Sun, Fun and Relaxation! 

Kauai is the only Hawaiian Island with navigable rivers to get up in the mountains and explore and swim in the pools and waterfalls.

With all our spectacular waterfalls, beautiful beaches, incredible tropical flowers and ALOHA SPIRIT you will find a magical feeling within yourself when you leave the Garden Isle!!! Or you may just stay....


About Kauai Hawaii Activities

Kauai Hawaii Activities is a complimentary referral service owned and operated by me – Julie Hale. I've been a resident here on Kauai for over 25 years (I even run my own fishing/whalewatching boat) and am intimately familiar with the many activities Kauai has to offer.

When you follow the links on the left you'll find brief descriptions of many of the popular Kauai activities, plus a short form where you can contact me for more information and prices. Because providers and prices change like the wind here I've decided to leave those off this web site. That way you're insured of getting the most accurate, up to date info possible when you contact me.

When you write to me, be sure to get specific about what you want! I want to make sure the trip you've chosen is the right one for you! For example, some providers are better with children, some are better with large groups, ...well, you get the idea!


Contacting me

Email (julie@kauaihawaiiactivities.com) and the inquiry forms provided are the best way to reach me. That way you've got a copy of our correspondence! But if you need to talk to a real person, feel free to call me between 8:00am and 4:00pm HST weekdays at 808-823-6031.

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